How to Start Creating Sexual Tension

Start Creating Sexual Tension with your lover to create intense attraction with new lover or put the spark back into an existing relationship. Creating sexual tension is an art and some people come by it naturally while others can learn this skill. Creating sexual tension is fun and titillating and can be sensual and sexy. Consulting adults love Creating Sexual Tension to add excitement and fun into their lives. Do you know how to get on a woman's case and have it work for you instead of backfire? Why you think a woman is not interested in you when she really is and what do you do about it? What gay male models use to befriend women that straight guys can learn from? What do you really know about timing and progression with a woman and how to make timing work for you? What is a sensitive man, anyway? What about all those signals like moving hips, playing with hair, eye contact; how do you make it work for you? Did you know that a man can make more money by learning how to get the best out the women he lives and works with and those women do almost anything you want and need and most important be happy about it? How do you activate the kinds of things a man can do to trigger emotions and satisfy drives and urges have been genetically wired into a woman: her mental, physical, and emotional psyches that he can tap into give him power. These are the physical animal guidance systems, the emotional guidance systems, the logical guidance systems (yes, women do use logic) and even the mystical spiritual guidance systems that have been available to humankind for millennia.

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